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Covid Guidelines

In accordance with CDC and State guidelines, we are taking precautions to help reduce the risk of exposure to Covid-19.  Please see the following for more information on how we are asking families to help us reduce the risk:

  1. Covid Waiver form
    1. We are requiring a waiver form for each family at the beginning of the year to be kept on file.  Families are not required to complete this form every week – it is only required at the beginning of the year.
  2. Keep sick/exposed to COVID-19 kids home
    1. We are requiring that any child with COVID-19 like symptoms to stay home
    2. If children are exposed to COVID-19, or, test positive, we ask children to say home for (2) weeks before returning to club – per CDC guidelines.
  3. Masks required
    1. To help keep kids healthy, we ask all families to mask while inside – per CDC Guidelines
    2. If your child has any condition that does not allow for them to be masked, simply let our leaders know
  4. Drop Off
    1. When you come to AWANA on Wednesday, you will be met by one of our volunteer leaders in the parking lot and asked for your COVID Waiver form.
    2. We are asking those dropping off to please answer a few COVID-19 screening questions asked by our volunteers prior to dropping off any children
    3. You may, at that time, come in with your child or simply allow one of our volunteers to direct them in.
  5. Social Distancing
    1. We will be following the Lake Washington School District guidelines on physical distancing of “physical distance of three feet or more, (measured from the middle-of-person to middle-of-person)” 

Weekly Drop-off Procedures


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