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Sunday, April 26

Tom Hoyle

Dr. Tom Hoyle will  bring his Creation-centered ministry to us this morning in our 9:30 AM Bible Study Hour and our 10:50 AM Morning Service.

Our 9:30 hour will see and hear his presentation, “It MUST Have Been Created.
Our 10:50 AM Service will hear “God, Creation, and National Treasure!”
All his presentations are great, using digital multi-media. He’ll also have some featured materials for sale afterwards if you’re interested. Join us for a great Sunday with him!

Youth will meet at 5 PM as usual.

Our Sunday Evening Bible Study at 6 PM focuses on Nehemiah 12 as we’re almost finished with this Bible book.

Here’s our regular weekly schedule of events:


9:30 AM     Bible studies for adults and children
10:50 AM   Morning church together
5 PM         Youth meetings
6 PM         Evening church together


Awana is our Wednesday focus from September through May.

We also have two Women’s Bible Studies

Tuesday, 9:30 AM to 11 AM, for women with children at church
Wednesday afternoons at 3 PM at Mrs. Kermen’s house she hosts a second study.  Contact her for more information and directions.


We’re located at 16700 NE 95th Street, Redmond, Washington  98052.

For an interactive Google map showing our location and how to reach us, go to our ABOUT US/CONTACT US page.