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Pray for Pastor Johnston's Romania trip during February 2017.  Pray for his preparation, for good fellowship and value to be communicated, and for more funding.

We won't meet for Youth or PM service while Pastor Johnston is gone February 19 and 26. 

February 19 Patrick Nurre will be our AM Pulpit guest.  He enjoys Christian apologetics and Bible-science themes.  

February 22 sees Dr. Tom Hoyle and his presentation on Creation and Dinosaurs during our normal Awana night.  This presentation is great for the whole family.  Plan to join us starting at 7 PM until 8:15 PM.

February 26 Trevor Amack will be our AM Pulpit guest.  He's a missionary in pre-field ministry (aka deputation) and a good speaker. 

February 26 also sees the Kirkland Bridge Church's first Sunday to share our building.  They'll be in for a 1 PM service. Pray we all cooperate together well.

Welcome Thomas and Stephanie Bird into our Church's membership they joined February 12.