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Dear friends,

As good citizens (Romans 13:1), and good family members, and good neighbors (Matthew 19:19), we have chosen not to conduct any activities as a Church body until after Monday, May 4 at the earliest per the Governor's announcement.
This means there will be no Awana until May 6, Awana Grand Prix Night, at the earliest. Wednesday Women’s, and Thursday Men’s meetings are included in this. We plan to start a Wednesday 7 PM Facebook Live Awana online presentation, beginning April 8.
As we respect the needs of one another, and don’t feel that we can practice immediate needs of social distancing, we feel this is an appropriate response for the immediate future.
We have been releasing for broadcast each Sunday Morning, a Facebook Live video that includes some announcements, praise singing that you can sing along with, or just watch, a children’s object lesson, and a brief Bible message. Find this on our Church Facebook Page, found at .
Please pray for one another, our nation, the world, and take care of yourselves. These are unusual times; faithfulness to God and others can make a great difference.
We may go out one morning to do some work outside; clearing the parking lot and/or pressure washing. I think we can do this while observing safe practices and social distancing. I will post if and when this occurs if you wish to be in fresh air, out of the house, and safe.
Call and message one another; this is safe of course. Chat with me as you wish; 
my regular Facebook account is the best place.
God bless us all. Watch here for more information.

Pastor Doug Johnston

 Please follow the safety procedures on the BBC produced graphic below.
Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 7.29.46 PM