Our service are now Live in person at 11 AM. 

We will NOT be meeting for Breakfast today, December 26.

We WILL HAVE AM CHURCH today, December 26.

Be careful; we won't plow the parking lot, but it will be warm!

Please follow CDC guidelines according to your conscience. We have sanitizing gel and cleaning agents available as well as masks for those who desire them.
Offering plates will be on a table if you would like to use them on your way in or out.

We are not offering Nursery or other Sunday meetings at this time.

We still offer for broadcast each Sunday Morning.
Facebook Live video that includes some announcements, praise singing that you can sing along with, or just watch,
a children’s object lesson, and a Bible message.

These and more videos are available on our Church's YouTube.  New Videos are uploaded after our service ends each Sunday.

Church Service



On-Line Giving



Women's Bible Study

Pastor's International Ministries

Please pray for one another, our nation, the world, and take care of yourselves.
These are unusual times; faithfulness to God and others can make a great difference.

Call and message one another; this is safe of course.
Chat with me as you wish; my regular Facebook account is the best place.
God bless us all. Watch here for more information.

 Please follow the safety procedures on the BBC produced graphic below.
Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 7.29.46 PM