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TBD, Cubbies Director

We are currently looking for a Cubbie Director and Helpers.

Barbara Johnston, Sparks Director


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Todd Christ, TnT Director


I have been working in children's ministry for over 20 years. Working with kids and figuring out a way of learning that connects with them brings me so much joy. No matter how rough of a day I've had it all melts away when I see our AWANA clubbers. Kids have such a desire to learn and amazement that we often forget as adults.

Special needs kids are some of my favorite to work with as their reactions are so genuine and each one is unique.  I look forward to AWANA every year and enjoy watching the kids learn and grow in Christ.


Tom Bird, Trek/Journey Director

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Doug Johnston, AWANA Commander


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Brie Christ, Secretary


I've been working with children for over 30 years from nannying, to Sunday School, to my own children (3 of them). Kids are always a treat to work with at AWANA as their excitement to learn and make new friends is a constant source of joy. When a child is having an 'off' day (as we all do!) my approach is patience and understanding.  If a child is simply not able to enjoy their time, our last resort is a call home.  This is because in my experience it usually just takes a little extra focus and effort for an 'off' day to quickly become the 'best' day.  My approach with AWANA is to help children understand the basics, without overly stressing complex ideas. I look forward to meeting you and your family!

You can rest assured, your children are in good hands

Background Checks

We do state run background checks every 2 years on all of our adult leaders


Children are supervised at all times, and leaders are paired with helpers to ensure no unsupervised alone time with a child occurs


All AWANA Leaders undergo training at AWANA to be approved Directors