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What to Expect – Cubbies @ FBCoR

Cubbies Schedule

6:30 PM    Doors Open, Clubbers begin arriving

6:45 PM     Clubbers are checked in and sitting with their leader

7:00 PM     Opening Ceremonies (AWANA Song, AWANA Pledge, US Pledge of Allegiance, Birthdays)

7:15 PM     Cubbies are dismissed to go to Cubbie Room

7:15 PM     Cubbies Starting activities in Cubbie Room (Cubbies Song, Key Verse, Theme Verse, Prayer)

7:25 PM     Cubbie Time in Cubbie Room (Puppet Show and Lesson)

7:40 PM     Cubbie Game Time in the Fellowship Hall

7:55 PM     Crafts and Handbook Time in Cubbie Room

8:15 PM     Cubbies not yet picked up go to Auditorium for a movie


What should we be doing at home between club time?

  • Unlike other clubs, Cubbies requires Parent or Guardian participation during the week.  Each Cubbie Club member is required to work through their handbook at home, and recite the weekly verse (with help!) to their Leader at the next club night.   Parents or Guardians sign off in the handbook when the clubber says the verse to them at home.

What is the Cubbie Song?

  • In the back of the handbook, you can find the music for the Cubbie song. It is a short and cheerful tune with actions that clubbers will do every week to get them geared up to learning with Cubbie!

Why are there 2 different handbooks?

  • There are 2 handbooks for each year a child is in Cubbies.  Clubbers will start off with the HoneyComb handbook, and once completed, they will move on to the AppleSeed handbook.

Are Uniforms required? What do they look like for Cubbie Clubbers?

  • Uniforms are not required, however, the younger children really enjoy them as they receive patches for each section they complete.  You can see an example in the handbook.